Dec 30 – Amelia Bloomer


Amelia Bloomer
30 December 1894
Renewer of the Church

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Dec 22 – Lottie Moon

Dec 22 - Lottie Moon

Lottie Moon
Missionary in China
22 December 1912

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Nov 11 – Martin of Tours

Nov 11 - Martin of Tours

Martin of Tours
Bishop + Theologian
11 November 397

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Nov 1 – All Saints

Nov 1 - All Saints

The Feast of All Saints
1 November

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Oct 9 – Wilfred Grenfell

Oct 9 - WIlfred Grenfell

Wilfred Grenfell
Medical Missionary
9 October 1940

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Sep 29 – Saint Michael & All Angels

Sep 29 - Saint Michael & All Angels

Saint Michael & All Angels
29 Sepember HS (Hebrew Scriptures)

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