May 26 – Augustine of Canterbury

Augustine of Canterbury,
Missionary + First Archbishop of Canterbury
25 May 605

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May 21 – John Eliot

John Eliot
Missionary among the Algonquin
21 May 1690

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Dec 22 – Lottie Moon

Dec 22 - Lottie Moon

Lottie Moon
Missionary in China
22 December 1912

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Dec 19 – Lillian Trasher

Dec 19 - Lillian Trasher

Lillian Trasher
Missionary in Egypt
19 December 1961

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Dec 15 – John Horden

Dec 15 - John Horden

John Horden
Missionary Bishop
15 December 1893

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Dec 3 – Francis Xavier

Dec 3 - Francis Xavier

Francis Xavier
Missionary to the Far East
3 December 1552

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