Oct 29 – James Hannington & Companions

Oct 29 - James Hannington & Companions

James Hannington & Companions
Martyrs of Uganda
29 October 1885

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Oct 16 – Latimer & Ridley

Oct 16 - Latimer and Ridley

Hugh Latimer and Nicholas Ridley
Bishops + Martyrs
16 October 1555

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Sep 20 – Patteson & Companions

Sep 20. - Patteson & Companions

John Coleridge Patteson, Bishop of Melanesia, & his Companions
20 September 1871

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Sep 9 – Constance and her Companions

Constance and her Companions
The Martyrs of Memphis
9 September 1878

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From the Satuket Lectionary

Sister Constance
(Photo from St. Mary’s Cathedral, Memphis)

In 1878 the American city of Memphis on the Mississippi River was struck by an epidemic of yellow fever, which so depopulated the area that the city lost its charter and was not reorganized for fourteen years. Almost everyone who could afford to do so left the city and fled to higher ground away from the river. (It was not yet known that the disease was mosquito-borne, but it was observed that high and dry areas were safe.) There were in the city several communities of nuns, Anglican or Roman Catholic, who had the opportunity of leaving, but chose to stay and nurse the sick. Most of them, thirty-eight in all, were themselves killed by the fever. One of the first to die (on 9 September 1878) was Constance, head of the (Anglican) Community of St Mary.

by James Kiefer

[Note: a short, unpublished book about the epidemic written not long after it occurred is available from Project Canterbury.]

Sep 2 – Martyrs of New Guinea

Sep 2 - Martyrs of New Guinea

The Martyrs of New Guinea
2 September 1942

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Jun 29 – St. Peter & St. Paul

Illumination - St Peter and St Paul

Saint Peter and Saint Paul
Apostles + Martyrs
20 June NT

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