Dec 30 – Amelia Bloomer


Amelia Bloomer
30 December 1894
Renewer of the Church

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Dec 10 – Thomas Merton

Dec 10 - Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton
Monk + Poet + Spiritual Writer
10 December 1968

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Sep 1 – David Oakerhater


David Pendleton Oakerhater
Deacon + Missionary
1 September 1931

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Aug 28 – Augustine of Hippo


Augustine of Hippo
Theologian + Bishop
28 August 430

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Jul 20 – Stanton, Bloomer, Truth, & Tubman

Illumination - Stanton Bloomer Truth Tubman

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 1902
Amelia Bloomer, 1894
Sojourner Truth, 1883
Harriet Ross Tubman, 1913
Pioneers for Civil Rights and Women’s Rights

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Jan 8 – Harriet Bedell

Jan 8 - Harriet Bedell

Harriet Bedell
Deaconess and Missionary
8 January 1969

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