A Great Cloud of Witnesses is a website and blog dedicated to exploring the lives of the men and women celebrated as saints in The Episcopal Church.  On each saint’s feast day we briefly shine a light on that man or woman by posting an “illumination” — a graphic containing an icon of the saint along with a memorable quote (i.e., a “meme,” as they call it on the web).  Clicking on the grapic will take the reader to a page containing a brief biography of the saint and suggested prayers (also known as collects).  In addition, in response to a number of requests, we are now adding a link on each saint’s page, from which readers can go to Amazon.com to find books and miscellanea about that saint.  We encourage our readers to follow along and welcome them to comment or engage in discussions of the lessons the lives of these saints have for the life of the Church today.

A Great Cloud of Witnesses is sponsored by The FaithX Project and  is based on the book A Great Cloud of Witnesses published by by Church Publishing, Inc. for The Episcopal Church.

Click here purchase a copy of A Great Cloud of Witnesses 

A PDF version of  A Great Cloud of Witnesses will soon be available. Meanwhile, much of the information that will be contained therein can be accessed in PDF format by downloading the following two PDF documents:

Saints and Martyrs

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