Oct 31- Sasaki & Tsen

Oct 31- Sasaki & Tsen

Paul Shinji Sasaki + Philip Lindel Tsen
Bishop of Mid-Japan + Bishop of Honan, China
31 October 1946 + 1954

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From the Satucket Lectionary

Bp. Paul Sasaki
Bp. Paul Sasaki

Sasaki, Paul Shinji, Bishop of Tokyo, Japan [1885-1946] and Philip Lendel Tsen Bishop of Honan, China [d. June 6, 1954]. Sasaki was a bishop of Nippon Sei Ko Kai (the Anglican Church in Japan) who endured much persecution for his beliefs. In 1937, Tsen and Sasaki attended the 1937 Synod in Canada where they publicly bore witness to the unity among Asian Christians despite the Sino-Japanese war. Sasaki was tortured and imprisoned by the Japanese government in 1944. Bishop Tsen was raised by American missionaries, but after his priestly ordination became involved with a Canadian mission group. He helped sustain the people of his district during the bitter war with Japan. At the end of WW2, he became the leader of the Chinese Anglican Church. Returning from the 1948 Lambeth meeting, he was placed under house arrest by the Communist government.

from the description in Holy Women, Holy Men


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