Sep 5 – Gregorio Aglipay

Sep 5 - Gregorio Aglipay

Gregorio Aglipay
Priest + Founder of the Philippine Independent Church
5 September 1940

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From the Satucket Lectionary

Gregorio Aglipay as a young manGregorio Labayan Aglipay (May 8, 1860September 1, 1940) was the first Filipino Supreme Bishop of the Philippine Independent Church. He was an activist Catholic priest from Ilocos Norte who, despite his intercession and defense of some of the Spanish Catholic clergy from liberal-nationalist Filipino revolutionaries, was excommunicated by the Vatican for inciting rebellion within the Filipino clergy. During the brief interlude between independence from the Spanish and the subsequent reoccupation by the Americans, Isabelo de los Reyes (also known as Don Belong) and Aglipay reformed the Filipino Catholic clergy into the Philippine Independent Church, officially established in 1902.

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