Jun 26 – Isabel Florence Hapgood

Illumination - Isabel Florence Hapgood

Isabel Florence Hapgood
Ecumenist + Journalist
26 June 1929

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From the Satucket Lectionary

Isabel Florence Hapgood (November 21, 1851 – June 26, 1928) was an U.S. writer and translator of Russian texts.

Hapgood was born in Boston, the descendant of a long-established New England family. She studied Germanic and Slavic languages, specializing in Orthodox liturgical texts. She was one of the major figures in the dialogue between Western Christianity and Orthodoxy. She traveled through Russia between 1887 and 1889, meeting Leo Tolstoy. Hapgood died in New York.

— from Wikipedia

Own works:
The Epic Songs of Russia (1886)
Russian Rambles (1895)
A Survey of Russian Literature (1902)
* Little Russian and St. Petersburg Tales (Date Unknown)

Childhood, Boyhood, YouthLife (1888), and Sevastopol (1888) by Leo Tolstoy
* Taras Bulba and Dead Souls by Nikolay Gogol
Les Misérables (1887), Notre Dame de Paris (1888), and Toilers of the Sea (1888) by Victor Hugo
Recollections and Letters (1892) by Ernest Renan
The Revolution of France Under the Third Republic (1897) by Pierre de Coubertin
* Foma Gordyeef (1901) and Orloff and His Wife (1901) by Maksim Gorky
* The Brothers Karamazov (1905) by Fyodor Dostoevsky
* The Seagull (1905) by Anton Chekhov
Service Book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic (Greco-Russian) Church (1922)
* The Village (1923) by Ivan Bunin
More information may be found in an article courtesy of Project Canterbury.



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