Jun 29 – St. Peter & St. Paul

Illumination - St Peter and St Paul

Saint Peter and Saint Paul
Apostles + Martyrs
20 June NT

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Jun 27 – Cornelius Hill

Illumination - Cornelius Hill

Cornelius Hill
Priest + Chief among the Oneida
27 June 1907

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Jun 26 – Isabel Florence Hapgood

Illumination - Isabel Florence Hapgood

Isabel Florence Hapgood
Ecumenist + Journalist
26 June 1929

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Jun 25 – James Weldon Johnson

June 25 - James Weldon Johnson

James Weldon Johnson
Poet + Hymn Writer
25 June 1938

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Jun 24 – Nativity of John

Illumination - Nativity of John

The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
Forerunner + Baptizer
24 June NT

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Jun 22 – Alban

First Martyr of Britain
22 June c. 304

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