Jan 1 – Holy Name of Jesus

Jan 1 - Holy Name of Jesus

The Holy Name of Jesus
(The Circumcision of Jesus)
1 January NT

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From the Satucket Lectionary

The Circumcision, by Signorelli
The Circumcision, by Signorelli

On January 1st, we celebrate the Circumcision of Christ. Since we are more squeamish than our ancestors, modern calendars often list it as the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, but the other emphasis is the older. Every Jewish boy was circumcised (and formally named) on the eighth day of his life, and so, one week after Christmas, we celebrate the occasion when Our Lord first shed His blood for us. It is a fit close for a week of martyrs, and reminds us that to suffer for Christ is to suffer with Him.



FIRST READING: Exodus 34:1-8
(When the Israelites had broken the Law, God proclaimed His Name before Moses and renewed the Law.)

(O LORD, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! Thou hast crowned [the son of man] with glory, and put all things under his feet.)

EPISTLE: Romans 1:1-7
(Jesus was Son of David by the rules of flesh, but was the Son of God by the power of the Spirit.)

(“at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow”)

THE HOLY GOSPEL: Luke 2:15-21
(The visit of the shepherds to the manger; the circumcision)

by James Kiefer



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